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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Zzzzzip! Zing! Zow!

I made the mockup for the doublet today (Frankendoublet, from Butterick 4574 x 5656), and I whipped through it. Since start-to-finish it took less than one afternoon, that's *incredibly* speedy for me. I even managed not to put anything together backward! I was amazed how easy it was to do the collar, and the shoulder tabs/wings/whatsits (which I altered, because the pattern pieces looked silly to me) were a breeze--way easier than I remember them being last year. Hmmm.

Wonder what's going to go wrong when I go to make the real one?

I looks good...ish. It's *very* hard to tell, since the only model available is DH, who is not the same size as the future owner of this garment. I think it's probably too big, still... everywhere. I based everything off of the measurements I took, but that darn modern wearing ease gets me every time.

I think the collar and the turned-out "lapels" are going to be a success. It looks nice on the mockup, at any rate. I'm a little concerned about the closure--there's a large overlap on DH, which is *not* what the pattern was designed for. I wonder if I can put buttons in something and have it look right, if it wasn't designed to overlap?

Not sure when I'll have a chance to do the real fitting. We'll either see them over Labor Day, and I can do it in person... or I'll have to mail it to them, with explicit instructions on how to do the fitting. Which presumes I know, explicitly, how to do the fitting. Harrumph.


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