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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have a new summer chemise!

And boy, did I need it today! Yes, I know it's October, but apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo. It was 91 degrees at KCRF today.

Ok, now. I adore my Greycat chemise (those are separate links, btw). Laura made it just for me, and it's probably the single garb garment I love most. But I figure a lady can always use more than one full-length white chemise, yes? This one will not replace the other in my heart, but it will supplant it occasionally in my wardrobe.

I actually spied this last week, went home and thought about it, and decided if it were still there, I'd get it. I've been thinking about a lighter weight, slightly sheer chemise to go with next year's Easy Gown, and this one is perfect. Not to mention I've been coveting one of these for years now.

So. This is Ophelia's "Double Juliet Sleeve Chemise." Lovely, yes? But what you can't see in that photo is the positively delicious fabric it's made out of--semi-sheer ivory cotton gauze, shot through with gold thread:

It was an *ideal* hot-hot-weather garment. I was almost comfortable! In future, I shall probably puff my own sleeves a little less severely, and let the sleeves fall a bit more; the Ophelia's maids dressed me. Well, my sleeves, anyway.

In the heat, I also figured out something important for the Easy Gown. I was considering a closed-front skirt, but I have decided that a split skirt (a la Irish gown) is an absolute necessity. First, who needs two entire skirts when it's 90 degrees out?! Second, the wind blowing through a split skirt is akin to air conditioning. If you're not wearing hoops, this is the next-best thing.

So, I shall probably just reuse the Simplicity Irish pattern. Which is fine; I love the Peacock Blue gown I made from it; I was hoping for a *little* variety, so I'll have to think how to achieve that (well, pleats will go a long way... plus I saw Sofi's was using these really neat brass lacers that would work nicely, I think. Very clean and simple).

So I think that's today's costuming report. Must go sew. I still need to decide how to do the trim on the Mystery Doublet. Well, and sew it.


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