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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Test Message After a Long Time Gone

Clicking into my Blogger Dashboard after ages and ages and ages, and I see that (gasp!) there are actually subscribers! So this message, which is primarily a test to see if I can still work the Blogger interface, is also kind of, sort of directed to those folks who, whenever they stopped by, happened to sign up for updates. :)

I am now doing my costuming blogging at one of two places--my "regular" blog, Mirth & Matter, or my more static costuming site, attached to my website. Mirth & Matter is updated as I work on things, and my costuming pages when projects are complete & time allows.

But this particular post comes about because I am a member of The Enchanted Inkpot, which recently relocated from LiveJournal to Blogspot. My first post since the big move is coming up next week, and I wanted to make sure I could still work the old controls! So for anyone reading this, be sure to check out my interview with author Rebecca Barnhouse about her new historical fantasy, Peaceweaver!