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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 in Review

I can safely say that this has been the busiest year of my life. Or most productive year. Or most stressful year. However you look at it, I did A LOT.


--Made the black @#!$ McCalls bodice
--Whipped up an arisaidh
--Made the blue-and-magenta DWR microfiber raincloak
--Made the same cloak again, in black with gold lining
--Made Milord's rain tunic, plus chaperon/hooded cowl
--Whipped up a gold broadcloth skirt
--Started and got about halfway done with the Mystery Doublet (including drafting the pattern and making a muslin)
--Made Milord a Santa bag
--did some experiments with hemp cord boning
--miscellaneous mending (worth noting since it's a rare occurrence and some was large)
--made muslins/mockups for much of the above

Other Needlework
--"December Songbird" wallhanging
--Rayon snowflake ornament
--Gingerbread man ornament with linen floss

--"Blackwork Reindeer"
--Second Rayon Snowflake ornie

--Nephew's horses wallhanging
--"Spanish Sampler"
--"Flora" (possible UFO; may restart on different fabric)
--Satin Stitch Celtic knot surface embroidery
--Teresa Wentzler Celtic Knot bookmark (possible UFO)
--Two other possible-UFO ornies
--and a wee bit on "Peacock Tapestry, back in January. Hardly enough to signify.

Plus... I did five or six scrapbook pages!

It's kind of crazy that I actually managed to get *anything* done, let alone the huge amount (for me) that I accomplished! Because while all that was going on, I was also doing this.

I do know, though, that as fretful as some of this was, my sewing and my other crafts kept me sane this year. 2007 isn't supposed to be as busy, work-wise, so I probably won't a tenth as much done... but I have an awfully long To-Do list, which I'll post tomorrow.

Happy Old Year, everyone!